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Paranormals Sarah – Sarah Harmon is a Forensic Psychology student working towards her PhD in Forensic and Clinical Psychology with focus in neuro-linguistics, para-research and hypnotherapy. Sarah is a gifted psychic medium and paranormal researcher who enjoys to travel and explore the unknown! Between books, lectures, investigations and grant research in the paranormal field, Sarah’s goal is to bridge the gap between science and spirituality.

Sarah, now coined “Paranormal Sarah”, is a born gypsy and has talents in psychometry, palm reading, energy reading, healing and other spiritual guiding techniques. When she is not doing investigations across America or doing lectures around the nation, Sarah is proudly joining some of the fields best researchers while investigating at some of the world’s most haunted locations. Her pride is helping clients, educating the world around us on the paranormal and using her education to validate parapsychology as a true science.

She is published in TAPS Paramagazine, features on a weekly webisode with LiveParanormal, is a 2011 Reporter Chick and is working on grants within the paranormal during her spare time. Currently authoring 3 paranormal books as well as a computer program for investigators she also highlights her study with a passion in photography in which she has used to capture some of the greatest names in the paranormal.

Graham Sclater – Graham studied at the Phoenix Arts Centre in Exeter, where he concentrated on creative writing for the screen and television. His key interests are teleplays, and screenplays as well as developing and writing original drama series’ for television. Those recently completed include the television series “Pebble on the beach” set on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

Adam Faith, John Altman and a number of actors, directors and producers have favourably reviewed his work and several television companies including Central Television have taken options on other television series’.

Born in Exeter in 1947 he spent many years living and playing Hammond organ in a number of groups in Germany and Scandinavia during the sixties. He returned to England in the early seventies where he worked as a session musician in many of the top London studios.

An accomplished songwriter and musician, Graham has been featured in a number of arts and musical programmes and has performed and recorded with many artists including Jimi Hendrix, Fats Domino, Ritchie Blackmore, James Taylor, Elton John and numerous name musicians. Many of his songs have won competitions in France, Spain, Gibraltar and Japan as well as being recorded by artists around the world.

Tabitha Music Limited, the independent music publishing company formed by Graham in 1976, has a catalogue of more than a thousand songs and has published hit records in much of Europe and the Far East including Japan. The Company’s songs have been featured in a number of films, television programmes, documentaries and releases on major record labels including EMI, CDS and Phonogram.

Keen on artist management he successfully signed groups to CBS, EMI and other worldwide labels. He has spent many years combining his production, publishing work with the management of his artists. Signings to the company include EYE SPY, songwriters Toni Leo and Andy Littlewood from Doncaster, Harambe from London, Billy Curtis and Red i from Exeter and Feddy in St Petersburg. The most recent signings are pop reggae artist MXT and Country rock artist Bo Walton.

Graham has produced records in varying styles as diverse as punk, folk, country, heavy rock and MOR in studios as far afield as Trinidad and Jamaica. Many of these productions were released on the Tabitha Record label in the Benelux and Spain and major or independent labels around the World. Graham’s production credits have resulted in a number of hit records by many artists.

Graham’s his first novel “Ticket to Ride” set in Hamburg during the 1960’s was published in 2006 by Flame Books and he is now working on novel “Love Shack” based in the east end of London and the red light district of Amsterdam.

Active on developing a number of projects at any one time, Graham is a prolific writer who carefully researches his subject before reaching for the PC. Many of his projects involve music and his background enables him to combine an unusual mix of original music and script.

Graham Sclater enjoys working in many arenas, using first hand experience of as many subjects as possible, often spending time researching overseas. He is at home writing and developing any concept. He has an understanding of budgeting, the logistics of production, location and direction.

His first children’s novel “We’re gonna be famous” was published in 2009 followed by historical novel “Hatred is the key” in 2010 by Tabitha Books. Graham is also working on the titles: “Other side of the tracks” & “Lying eyes.”

He recently had two of his original screenplays, “More than a woman” and “Hatred is the key” optioned by an American production company.

His latest novel “Too big to cry,” will be available in April 2012 along with updated version of the novel “Ticket to Ride.”

All of Graham’s books are available on Amazon or as e-books


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