The Buzz 3-5-12 Chirs Fleming & Chris Mancuso

Posted by Scotty on Tuesday, 6 of March , 2012 at 4:08 pm


Down Load This Show!!!!!!!

TONIGHT on THE BUZZ With Scotty Rorek and Zita Ost
8pm Central
8:30 pm Christopher Mancuso
9:30 pm Dr. Truth
10:30 pm Chris Fleming



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Presented by Spooky Scotty Productions with your hosts Scotty Rorek and Molly Spence. The next best thing since happy hour and this one won't cost you a dime. Come on in, grab a cold one, put your feet up and tune into the antics of Scotty and Molly as they interview some of the most intriguing people on earth. From the mundane to the maddening, controversial to conversation find out what THE BUZZ is this week. Join The Madness!!!!