The Buzz 2-20-12 Patrick Burns & Anne McTavish

Posted by Scotty on Tuesday, 21 of February , 2012 at 9:45 am

Paranormal investigator Patrick Burns is best known for his starring role on TruTV’s (formerly CourtTV’s) Haunting Evidence. For three seasons, Burns was able to apply his vast knowledge of electronics and computer systems toward the goal of documenting paranormal activity. Most recently, he has been seen as a recurring guest judge on Zak Bagans’ Paranormal Challenge on the Travel Channel.

Burns is one of the most respected and in-demand paranormal researchers today; conducting investigations, lecturing on many topics, and headlining on college campuses from coast to coast.

His numerous technical skills include a mastery of advanced audio filtering techniques for enhancing faint EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recordings.

Throughout his adult life, he has witnessed and documented many events he believes may be of a “supernatural” origin. His paranormal curiosity was piqued as a young boy when the new residents of his deceased grandmother’s home reported seeing her ghostly apparition in the kitchen.

Burns has always considered himself to be a “skeptical believer” and cautiously examines all claims of paranormal events. He has gone head-to-head in panel discussions with members of the James Randi Educational Foundation – one of the largest skeptical societies in the world. For this, Burns was singled out and lauded for being the only member of the paranormal community in attendance who willingly engaged and answered the tough questions posed by the skeptics.

No stranger to the mass media, Patrick has been featured countless times on television, radio, and in print media. On television, he has appeared on CNN, Headline News, TBS, Hollywood Insider, Entertainment Tonight, Fox and Friends, Catherine Cryer Live, and many other programs.

When not in front of a camera, Patrick can be seen working behind one. He is a professional photographer, shooting exclusively in infrared light. His unique style can be viewed and purchased from his on-line gallery: Patrick Burns Photography

Anne McTavish – Every day, we face verbal attacks, either in our own lives or in the shows we watch. Every day we hear name-calling, sarcasm and demonizing. Words are being used as weapons. Instead of using their fists to hurt someone, they use words. That’s what I call fist-full language because it feels as if you’ve been hit physically.

In the heat of the moment, you focus only on the attack and how you’re going to attack back or how you can get away. That’s because verbal attacks trigger the stress response.

FistFree Language™ helps you turn things around. You can neutralize verbal attacks and depending upon what you want to do, get the conversation back on track or gracefully exit.

FistFree Language™ has three informational bases: how we “see” things, what conflict is all about, and practical language skills. When you put these together, their synergy creates a very powerful communication skillset.

FistFree Language™ helps when you have to deal with conflict or stress. It’s peaceful, powerful, effective — and it works.

If you’d like to join us in our pursuit of practical peace, become a member (coming soon). The basic membership is free, and you’ll have access to more articles. We’ll alert you when something new is added to our website and when there’s a new post on our blog


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