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Posted by Scotty on Sunday, 22 of August , 2010 at 7:06 pm

Monday, August 2.   Tonight was a special night for us.  It was a night of Miracles to say the least.

Our 1st guest was Michael Keller, Chief Brand Officer for IDQ.   We talked about the importance of giving. Children’s Miracle Network hospital provides services to hundreds of thousands of children every year.    This year is no different.  Thursday, August 5 in the US and Thursday, August 12 were Miracle Treat Day for International Dairy Queen.   This event has taken place every year since 1982 and has raised over 80 million dollars for this important cause.  Check out or www.Childrens Miracle Network for more information.

One of our favorite guests, Mr. Scott Grossberg returned to the show once again. He made such an impact on not only me and Scotty, but all of our listeners; we had to bring him back.  Tonight we talked about the symbols within our lives and how to interrupt them.   Once more an impact was felt and I can’t stress enough how the power of thinking magically does work.  If you pay attention it’ll work for you.  The evening was filled with empowering information and readings.  One show you won’t want to miss.   For more information on Scott and the work he does go to or follow him on Facebook for future events.

Remember- it does work.

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